Recent Submissions

  • Analysis of non-Markovian repairable fault trees through rare event simulation 

    Budde, Carlos E.; D'Argenio, Pedro Ruben; Monti, Raúl Enrique; Stoelinga, Mariëlle (2022)
    Dynamic fault trees (DFTs) are widely adopted in industry to assess the dependability of safety-critical equipment. Since many systems are too large to be studied numerically, DFTs dependability is often analysed using ...
  • Playing against fair adversaries in stochastic games with total rewards 

    Castro, Pablo Francisco; D'Argenio, Pedro Ruben; Demasi, Ramiro Adrián; Putruele, Luciano (2022)
    We investigate zero-sum turn-based two-player stochastic games in which the objective of one player is to maximize the amount of rewards obtained during a play, while the other aims at minimizing it. We focus on games in ...
  • MaskD : a tool for measuring masking fault-tolerance 

    Putruele, Luciano; Demasi, Ramiro Adrián; Castro, Pablo Francisco; D'Argenio, Pedro Ruben (2022-03-30)
    We present MaskD, an automated tool designed to measure the level of fault-tolerance provided by software components. The tool focuses on measuring masking fault-tolerance, that is, the kind of fault-tolerance that allows ...