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  • Un triplet de galaxies australes 

    Sérsic, José Luis (1933-1993); Pastoriza, Miriani G.; Carranza, Gustavo J. (1968)
    The nature of a peculiar triplet of Galaxies is discussed and it is suggested that it has resulted from a violent event in the past.
  • Evolución de galaxias y formación de estrellas 

    Sérsic, José Luis, 1933-1993 (Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Tecnología. Universidad Nacional de Tucumán. Argentina, 1968-03-20)
  • Problemas de astronomía extragaláctica 

    Sérsic, José Luis, 1933-1993 (Instituto de Matemática Astronomía y Física de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, 1962-12)
  • Properties of galaxies with peculiar nuclei 

    Sérsic, José Luis, 1933-1993; Pastoriza, Miriani G. (Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 1967-04)
  • La supernova descubierta en Córdoba 

    Sérsic, José Luis; Carranza, Gustavo (1963-11)
  • Anisotropic halo model 

    Sgró, Mario A.; Paz, Dante; Merchán, Manuel (2013-07-21)
    In the present work, we extend the classic halo model for the large-scale matter distribution including a triaxial model for the halo profiles and their alignments. In particular, we derive general expressions for the ...
  • Effects of superstructure environment on galaxy groups 

    Luparello, Heliana E.; Lares, Marcelo; Yaryura, Yamila; Paz, Dante; Padilla, N.; Garcí­a Lambas, Diego (Oxford University Press, 2013-06-21)
    We analyse properties of galaxy groups and their dependence on the large-scale environment as defined by superstructures. We find that group–galaxy cross–correlations depend only on group properties regardless the groups ...

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