Recent Submissions

  • 1H NMR Spectroscopy and MR Imaging with hyperpolarised substances 

    Graafen, Dirk; Neudert, Oliver; Buljubasich Gentiletti, Lisandro; Franzoni, María Belén; Dechent, Jan Falk; Münnemann, Kerstin (Elsevier, 2014)
    Despite their wide applicability in natural sciences, NMR and MRI still suffer from their inherently low sensitivity. This can be overcome by hyperpolarisation techniques, such as parahydrogen-induced polarisation and ...
  • A theory for the semantics of stochastic and non-deterministic continuous systems 

    Budde, Carlos Esteban; D'Argenio, Pedro Ruben; Sánchez Terraf, Pedro Octavio; Wolovick, Nicolás (2014)
    The description of complex systems involving physical or biological components usually requires to model complex continuous behavior induced by variables such as time, distance, speed, temperature, alkalinity of a solution, ...