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    • Examples of pointed color Hopf algebras 

      Andruskiewitsch, Nicolás; Angiono, Iván Ezequiel; Bagio, Dirceu (2014)
      We present examples of color Hopf algebras, i.e. Hopf algebras in color categories (braided tensor categories with braiding induced by a bicharacter on an abelian group), related with quantum doubles of pointed Hopf algebras. ...
    • Lifting via cocycle deformation 

      Andruskiewitsch, Nicolás; Angiono, Iván Ezequiel; García Iglesias, Agustín; Masuoka, Akira; Vay, Cristian Damián (2014)
      We develop a strategy to compute all liftings of a Nichols algebra over a finite dimensional cosemisimple Hopf algebra. We produce them as cocycle deformations of the bosonization of these two. In parallel, we study the ...