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    • A multipurpose experimental facility for advanced X-ray Spectrometry applications 

      Karydas, A.G.; Beckhoff, B.; Bogovac, M.; Diawara, Y.; Eichert, D.; Fliegauf, R.; Gambitta, A.; Grötzsch, D.; Herzog, C.; Jark, W.; Kaiser, R. B.; Kanngießer, B.; Leani, Juan José; Lühl, L.; Kiskinova, M.; Lubeck, J.; Malzer, W.; Migliori, A.; Sghaier, H.; Vakula, N.; Weser, J. (2014)
      Motivation, Ultra High Vacuum Chamber (UHVC) project: To support/enhance the training of scientists/engineers from developing countries in the operation of synchrotron radiation instrumentation; To provide beam time access ...